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How Long Will You Keep On Ejaculating Before She Wants You Ejaculate And Thus Keep On Losing Your Dignity, Self-esteem And Manly Pride?

How Long Will You Keep On Swallowing Viagra, Cialis and Other pills and Through everything on Risk---------your Kidneys, Heart and Even life?

How Long Will You Keep On Taking “brain-numbing” Ejaculation Control Pills And Applying Desensitizing Creams And Moving Towards Sexual Dysfunction And Total Impotence?

How Long will You keep on losing Precious moments of pleasures of active Love-making by ejaculating within few minutes?

You Must Remember, Poor And Quick Sex is Weakening Activity And Can Destroy Your Sexual Prowess, Your Self-esteem And Ultimately Your Relationships!
Well, there are lots of "self-proclaimed" cures available in market but almost all of these systems are of temporary relief only. However these products are unnatural ways of controlling premature ejaculation and have galore of side effects. Some of these methods are:-

Ø Ejaculation Control Pills and capsules.

Ejaculation control pills and capsules are "one-night" relief for premature ejaculation and do not cure the problem at all. The worst part is that these premature ejaculation pills and capsules are injurious to health. These pills and capsules have "brain-numbing" ingredients and the outcome is that you don't enjoy true pleasure of making sex because major part of your brain remains sleepy.

Ultimately you become addict of these pills. You will not feel confident without swallowing these pills or capsules. At this point you will feel that half of your memory is gone and your erection has become weak. This is red signal for you; you must stop swallowing pills at this point otherwise your sexual system will turn in to total wreck.

Ø Desensitizing oils and creams.

Desensitizing oils and creams are not different from ejaculation control pills as far as their side effects are concerned. These creams desensitize penis and thus help you last little longer than usual. But again you will not enjoy the sublime pleasure of sex. How can you when your main organ is desensitized? What is point of making sex when you can't enjoy it.
After effects of long term usage of desensitizing products are equal to those of pills and capsules. Frequent usage of desensitizing creams ultimately brings total impotence.

Ø Useless methods

There are lots of useless methods popular on internet and suggested by so called sexperts. These methods don't have any results; rather these are weakening and distasteful. Here are few examples of such methods.

Masturbation before sex.

Many a sexperts suggest masturbating before making sex. What a crap! Your semen is vital fluid and you will be wasting it for nothing! It is a weakening activity and ultimately brings impotence. Don't buy this advice.

Mind distraction.

Some experts advice to think of any gruesome scene in your mind to distract mind while you are making sex. This is totally insane. Sex is pleasure activity and in the middle you are thinking about the gory and grisly scenes. Without sublime pleasures, sex is just boring labor. And will you really last longer by doing all this? Answer is not at all. It will not make any difference.

What Are Dangerous Methods For Premature
What Is Premature Ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation means lack of control on ejaculatory system. "Someone who ejaculates before penetration or within few minutes of penetration is suffering from premature ejaculation".

In its wider definitions premature ejaculation means “Someone who ejaculates before his partner experience orgasm is suffering from premature ejaculation.”

What are the causes of Premature ejaculation?
1- One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is masturbation in wrong manner. The main aim of masturbation is to jerk out the sperm as soon as possible so that you could feel intense tingling pleasure at the base of your penis to release the sexual tension.

This practice for long time does condition your sexual response as that of a premature ejaculator.

2- The other cause for premature ejaculation is nature itself. Naturally every male is premature ejaculator. Haven’t you seen horses, loins and oxens etc. while making sex? Even the healthiest Animal ejaculates within few minutes. Same is true with us -----------human males. Nature wants us to spill sperms as soon as possible so that it could start making our successor human beings. However if we humans will keep on following faulty nature, we may ruin our lives.

3- You can ejaculate prematurely if you get overwhelmed by sexual feelings and extreme wave of sexual arousal. Usually, young men get too much excited because extreme sexual energy and artlessness to control imposing urge to ejaculate. If ejaculation keeps on repeatedly occurring in this fashion, it becomes hardened response of your body and brain.
4- “Not-good-first-sexual-experience" may lead to premature ejaculation. First sexual encounter has to be very pleasant, sustained and prolonged; otherwise possibility of your becoming remains pretty high. Your body and brain can start similar response all of your next sexual encounters as was in your first encounter. That is why masters always recommend that your first sexual experience should not be with any whore or hooker. She may make you come quicker and can pass a nasty comment on your sexual weakness that may leave very adverse effects on your sexual life to come.

5- If the head of your penis (glans) becomes sensitive, you may ejaculate prematurely.

6- Sexual artlessness is another cause of premature ejaculation.

7- Vaginal tightness is also one the causes of premature ejaculation.

8- Hypersensitivity.


10- Anxiety
What are benefits of lasting longer?
There are hundreds of benefits of lasting longer and can not be accounted for here. However, I will try to tell you few main benefits of making sex for longer time.

1) You remain inside her and give her number of strong vaginal orgasms and thus you get glorified as god of LOVE AND SEX in her heart.

2) Rich and long sex will give you intense pleasure and will recharge your sexual power. You will neither suffer from sexual dysfunction all your life nor will lose your interest in sex. Your libido levels will always remain high.

3) You will feel yourself a superior male and your confidence will touch skies. Any girl who you may sleep with will drool after you all her life. She will never forget you!

4)You will become unbelievably healthy, robust and energetic and will live long.

5)Your ejaculatory tingling will be prolonged, more sensational and far more gratifying.

6) Unlike other men, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on pills, creams and oils. You will ejaculate only when you want to ejaculate, quite naturally, safely and permanently.
What are bad effects of premature ejaculation on men?
1) The biggest bad effect of premature ejaculation on a male is loss of self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately becomes patient of temporary sexual dysfunction.

2) A premature ejaculator resorts to temporary relives and thus ends up aggravating his problem.

3) He remains worried, sullen, broken and aloof.

4) He avoids sexual contacts with females.

5)If he already has a partner, he ends up in breaking harmony with his female.
What are bad effects of premature ejaculation on Female Partner?
A female partner of a premature ejaculator does not get full sexual satisfaction so she becomes patient of different emotional and physical disorders.

1) When a man ejaculates on regular basis before his partner has achieved sexual satisfaction, she feels ditched and betrayed.

2) She remains dull and down and depressed. Later on she may become patient of hysteria.

3) She becomes quarrelsome and makes issues of small things. She is no more a forgiving woman.

4) She starts avoiding sex because she knows that she will again be left in the middle.

5) She destroys harmony with her male and becomes non-serious about the relationship.

How To Fix Premature Ejaculation, Naturally, Safely And Permanently?
You do have two options-----------do your own search and research (like I did) to find right techniques that really work and cure premature ejaculation for good; and other option is, benefit from my experience and knowledge and save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours.

Remember, it was not easy for me to convince myself to bring my personal techniques on internet and sell them for few dollars, for which I have had spent thousands of dollars and years in pursuit. My techniques are my treasure. I feel myself highly privileged person because of having an unfair advantage over other men. Women adore me because of my sexual marathon stamina. It gratifies my manly ego and I feel like supper human being.

I wanted to share my secrets with other men but then sense of manly jealously would overpower me. Then one day I thought that I will not take this precious knowledge to grave like thousands of men have taken before. Believe me or not, if half of the secrets should not have gone to graves, we human beings would have acquired all the qualities of supper human beings. I thought that it will be dishonesty to the knowledge itself and fellow human beings not to share it. So, I decided that I will not let jealousy overpower me and I would publish my secrets so that lots of human beings get benefit and live a sexually content and happy life.

The great thing about human nature is its being prone to adaptation. That is why it is always easy to train our body and brain to get desired responses. When we do weight training or body building, our body senses it as "hard time", so it starts preparing itself to deal with "hard time" by becoming muscular so that we could carry weights easily. That is why laborers have muscular and strong bodies.

On similar basis, you can train you body and brain to become resistant to ejaculatory flood. You also need to repair your impaired sexual system because of excessive masturbation in wrong manner.

If you should not have masturbated, there was 90 % possibility that you would not have been a premature ejaculator. Your main aim while masturbating is to jerk sperm out as soon as possible so that you could release sexual tension. By masturbating in wrong way and for long time, you have convinced your body and brain that ejaculating quickly is desired response. Responding to this repeated call, your body and brain have got set on premature ejaculation mode.

"Master-Of-Ejaculation"  cures premature ejaculation once for all by following three-faceted approach.

1-  First of all you will learn how to reverse damage that has been caused to your sexual system because of masturbation in wrong manner. You will learn how to feed your body with new command that coming quickly is not a desired response.

You will also learn how to masturbate in right manner so that it does not damage your sexual system, penis and sexual response.

2- On second stage you will learn how to keep a intentional control on your arousal and stop it form starting involuntary ejaculatory response. I would say that your brain is the biggest sexual organ in your body. It is brain that triggers sexual response. You need to learn how to tame it.

My powerful "fail-proof" techniques will help you take reins in your own hands. Thus the start of ejaculatory response becomes a totally optional thing. You will choose when to ejaculate.

Now, you are no more a premature ejaculator. You can last more than one hour.

3- On this stage you will learn how to fortify your control over your ejaculation. You will learn how to surf close to ejaculation without ejaculating and feel intense pleasure for long time. You got to learn how to jump back from "point-of-no-return" stage of sexual arousal. This stage trains you how to become a master--------a master of ejaculation. You will learn how to make sex for hours while experiencing many orgasms without ejaculating.

Urge to ejaculate does not bother you on this stage. You feel pleasures of ejaculatory tingling without ejaculating. It is stage of "SEXUAL NIRVANA" 
How Does "Master of Ejaculation" Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally, Safely And Permanently?
Remember, your success in life starts from the success of your sexual life. If your sexual life is rich, gratifying and fulfilling, it will revitalize your entire life and replenish it with hope and happiness.

But if your sexual life is listless, it will overshadow your whole life and every success and pleasure will become meaningless.

Mastering your ejaculation, you can conquer the world of happiness, pleasure and success.
Sexual failure is disgrace and gloom.

Will your promotion at job cheer you up, if just previous night you ejaculated before your partner wanted you ejaculate and you had felt harrowing shame?

And will your success mean anything to your wife whom you had left unsatisfied just night before?


How longer can I make sex using your method?

Well, there is no limit. You can make sex for hours. The control comes in your hands. It is totally in your hands to choose when to ejaculate!  You become master of your ejaculation. Is it not great? Let others spend thousands of dollars on pills, creams and sprays; you enjoy the pleasure and pride of lasting longer, naturally and permanently. Those who use pills, creams and sprays not only don't enjoy sex, rather they ultimately become patient of sexual dysfunction-----------not to mention other numerous side effects.

What kind of techniques do you offer to cure premature ejaculation?

I have given more than two dozons of rare and most effective techniques in the book. Some techniques are urgent type that can help you last for more than 30 minutes on the very first night. Rests all of the techniques take some time to master up. However, once these techniques are mastered, these can help you last as long as you want.
You will never need to swallow any pill or spray to last longer. It will be you who will decide when to ejaculate-----not the spontaneity of your ejaculatory system. You will become a totally different person----------a confident strong man----------a master. I have included my personal techniques as well as gesture of generousity. These techniques are easy to master and most effective when mastered up.

How Do Your Techniques cure premature ejaculation?

In order to cure premature ejaculation effectively, first step is to undo bad effects of masturbation. Once bad effects of masturbation are undone, half of the problem is solved. You will not remain a premature ejaculator. Even on this stage of your training, you can last for more than 31 minutes.

Next phase of your training is that of a master. In this phase of your training, you will learn how to take control on ejaculation in your hand like a master. You will ride on spontaneous inevitability of ejaculation. In this stage you learn to train your body and brain to behave in the way as you want. You will learn to become master of your body, brain and ejaculation. You will be able to choose when to ejaculate and when not to!

I suffer from nocturnal emissions (wet dreams); can your techniques cure it?

Definitely, I would say nothing in the world can cure nocturnal emissions as effectively and completely as my techniques can. I have cured worst cases of noturnal emissions within three to seven days. Once nocturnal emissions are cured, patients start lasting at least 10 minutes longer while making sex.

I am 20 years guy who ejaculates within just 30 seconds; can your system help me cure my problem?

For sure you will be able to fix your problem for good.  I would say your age is the best age to cure premature ejaculation for good and gain total control on ejaculation. Hence, you can not only save your sexual system from damage of masturbation; you can become a strong Alpha male at an early age.

My age is 53 years. I am suffering from partial erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I have strong erection in the beginning but no sooner I start intercourse, all of sudden erection dies. It is really disgraceful. On other times, my erection is weak all the time, which is not very satisfying for both of us. Will your book help me cure my problem?

Definitely, you can overcome this problem within days and you will not feel this problem again all your life. "Master of ejaculation" is consisted on four parts. Part one teaches you how to control your ejaculation; part two teaches you how to make her come ten times before you come; part three teaches how to get and maintain strong erections. Part four tells you centuries’ old methods of enhancing the girth and length of penis.

Ok, I am ready to buy these techniques and methods. But I have some questions. My first question is ‘how longer is maximum length of time I can make sex for without ejaculating? My second question is ‘are these techniques and methods difficult to master?

Your first Question: You can last for one hour to many hours. Masters make sex for hours daily and retire un-ejaculated because they experience many orgasms without ejaculating.

Your second Question: No, these methods and techniques are actually quite easy to master. Some techniques are even easier that you don’t need to master. You can put these techniques to test right next night. 

I have been on ejaculation control pills but now I want to get rid of these tranquilizing drugs, as I seem to have been losing my memory and strong erection. Will your e-book help me?

Of course, this product is intended to help people like you so that you could get rid of all artificial injurious drugs and pills. You will not only last for hours rather you will enjoy every moment of love-making with far more intensity. Your brain will be fully active and alert (unlike drugs) and will be helping you feel and enjoy every jiffy of love making.

Does your product consist of techniques like imagining a decapitated body to divert attention or masturbation before intercourse?

No, absolutely not! I have not included such rubbish. Sex is very sublime and ecstatic activity, so how could a technique benefit you that runs counter to basic spirit of sex? Only those techniques and methods have been included and elaborated that Masters have been utilizing throughout the centuries and which have been hidden from common people throughout all human history. I have included modern techniques and innovations that have proven highly effective on thousands of sufferers.
P.S. Just imagine that you don't have to swallow costly and harmful pills to control your ejaculation, build and maintain your erections or enhance your penis any more from today on. Can you believe just one genuine Viagra is around $ 33 per pill and it lasts for only one night. Whereas, this treasure is going to "fortify" your sexual prowess and power for all your life.

P.P.S You don't have to risk anything to try "Master of ejaculation". Even though this treasure is priceless and can not be evaluated in monetary terms; but as a token of "sale," I have pirced it as less as one very ordinary dinner, yet I am pleased to offer you money back guarantee so that you could try it without fear of wasting money.

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Premature Ejaculation?
Yes, there is permanent, easy and the most effective solution for premature ejaculation
Let’s have a look as to how "Master-of-ejaculation" can bring a revolutionary change in you life. You will live a sexually full, confident, potent and proud life. Other men will be no comparison with you. You will be a master--------a master of your ejaculation; whereas others will be just ordinary commoners in front of you natural sexual stamina. You will keep on enjoying this pride all your life.

Save your money

An average man spends 1000 Dollars a year on ejaculation pills, desensitizing sprays and creams. These pills increase only 3 to 5 minutes of control, numbing one part of your brain, whereas 'Masters' do not spend even one dollar and making sex for hours.

Enjoy long hours of pleasure

An average man wastes hours of active love making by coming within few minutes of penetration, whereas 'Masters' make at least 3000 hours of active love making a year. Masters make love for two to four hours daily.

Experience as many orgasms as you want

An average man experiences only one orgasm, whereas Masters enjoy many orgasms during active love making and that too without ejaculating.

Make unlimited sex

An average man can make love with one woman a day; where as Masters can make sex with 10 or 20 women a day; or an ordinary person can make sex once or twice a day with same woman whereas Master can make love 10 to 20 times.
Following are Few Benefits That You can Expect From Your Copy Of Master of Ejaculation!
Give her as many orgasms as ten.

Ordinary men are able to give her only one or maximum two orgasm; whereas Masters are able to please her with as many as ten orgasms.

Ensure strong and life long erections

An average man starts suffering from symptoms of sexual dysfunction as early as 35 years, whereas Masters do not suffer from such symptoms even at age of 90 years.

Get rid of depression after ejaculation

An average man feels depressed and consumed for next half an hour of ejaculation; whereas Masters feel awfully fresh, energetic and strong.

Get ready for sex anywhere any time within seconds

An average 35 years' male cannot make sex for next half an hour to 2 hours, whereas Masters are ready to make sex within next two minutes even if they are in their fifties.

Let her follow you.

A Master can please any woman in the world but an average man cannot please a woman who has already been pleased by any Master. She will follow that Master because other men become useless for her.

If you are a rapist or potential rapist, I strongly warn you not to download my system!

If you are an aspirant lover or caring husband, or someone who wants to live sexually proud life, you are more than welcome to benefit form it right now! 
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